Agriculture Weather Station Assistance Program Launched for Nova Scotia

Monday, July 12, 2021

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Perennia have launched the Weather Station Assistance Program.   

The objective of the Farm Weather Station Program is two-fold:  to encourage producers to install weather stations and adopt new technology tools; and fully utilize the data to make proactive management decisions to mitigate the impacts of climate change and adverse weather conditions. 

Funding is open to eligible applicants at 30-70 per cent subsidy levels. 

DEADLINES:  This program is open until July 30, 2021 





This program is administered by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and is funded under the federal-provincial Canadian Agricultural Partnership Program. 


Perennia will be working with applied applicants to implement the program, including providing the weather station and co-ordinating the installation.  As of the launch of the program, Perennia is completing the competitive bidding process to select the weather station supported under the Program.  As soon as the model is selected, information will be shared at and via other channels. 

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