Podcast E2 S3: The Coolest Chat about Early Dormant Pruning - Guest Dr. Richard Marini

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

On today’s episode of the Orchard Outlook podcast, we’re chillin’. Temperatures are dropping… and it might not be the most wonderful time of the year for a recently pruned tree. How cold, how quickly, and when are all questions that are up in the air. Today’s guest Dr. Richard Marini is a horticulturist extraordinaire bringing us his wisdom on cold tolerance.

Dr. Richard Marini is a Professor of Horticulture at PennState University. His areas of expertise are tree and small fruit physiology, fruit production systems, and data analysis. He has also been closely involved in NC140 apple rootstock evaluations. In recognition of his work, Dr. Marini has received many honours and awards in horticultural science.

Show notes:

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