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This label transcript service is offered by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency to provide label information for pesticide products.

Maryblyt Model

Maryblyt is a free model that was developed at the University of Maryland for predicting specific infection events for fire blight epidemics in apples and pears. It is a comprehensive computer program for Windows. Weather data must be entered manually.

Soil Survey Reports for Nova Scotia

Soil survey reports contain comprehensive soil resource information that should be referenced when planning a new orchard site. Updated descriptions can be found from the Canadian Soil Information Service.

'Airblast 101' 2nd ed. Handbook and Website 'Sprayers 101'

Airblast 101 is a handbook of best practices in arblast spraying that is written in conversational language and supported with photos and illustrations. The second edition was published in 2020 and can be downloaded for free online or purchased as a hard copy. The website Sprayers 101 has many more resources for safe, efficient and effective agricultural spraying.


Hurricane Track Information

An online map of the storms tracked by the Canadian Hurricane Centre.

Farmzone Weather provides weather and weather-related information for farm zones across Canada. Each Farmzone is unique and has specific information about your farming area.

Historical Weather Information for Kentville

A daily data report for a weather station located in Kentville and maintained by Environment and Climate Change Canada - Meteorological Service of Canada. Data includes temperature max/min/mean, precipitation, and wind. Summaries, averages and extreme values are based on daily data.
Allows you to view current and historical maps of agro-climatic conditions in Canada, mainly temperature and precipitation over selected time periods.


Soil and Leaf Nutrient Testing Services

The Department of Agriculture manages laboratories that analyze water, soil, manure, compost, and fruit crop tissues. Services are aimed primarily at agricultural producers.


Product Re-Evaluation Decisions

The Pest Control Products Act requires the PMRA to initiate re-evaluations of each registered pesticide within 15 years of its initial registration or the most recent major decision affecting the registration. Decisions and updates are posted on their website. Current consultations are also available on their website.


Nova Scotia Fruit Growers' Association (NSFGA)

The goal of the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers’ Association is to assist in the success of its members by fostering the growth and development of an economically viable and sustainable Nova Scotia tree fruit industry.

International Fruit Tree Association (IFTA)

IFTA pursues world-class research, teaching and travel to advance knowledge, inspire innovation and build a global community of tree fruit professionals.

Tree Fruit Professional Development Events

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