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Friday, April 30, 2021

You've heard the announcements that the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers’ Association through federal and provincial funding with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture has embarked on a smart farm demonstration project to install and maintain weather stations. For more information on the project and the weather stations, view the presentation from the NSFGA's recorded information session

The purpose of this post is to walk you through a series of short and concise video tutorials on using the WeatherLink platform. I've been involved as an advisor on the project and now I'd like to help you get up-and-running quickly to access weather information for your farm management decisions!

And what a perfect viewing opportunity on this rainy day today!

Click on any of the following video tutorials to be re-directed to the video player. If interested, there is a transcript feature that you can access on the top right corner of the video player. Use it to follow along, search, or copy to print. Neat!

Video 1: What's the temperature, rainfall, and wind speed right now? In this video, learn how to select the weather station of interest and use it to access the live and current weather information on the bulletin page. Display the live information in tiles or as a table summary. This information is available on the NSFGA account but it is also publicly accessible on a free account.

Video 2: Are you interested in how much rain a station recorded over the last 24 or 48 hours? Want a summary for your reports or daily values to input in the Maryblyt model? In this video, learn how to access daily and monthly summaries on the data page. Don't wade through 15-minute data when there is an easy way to view the summarized information.

Video 3: Want to dig deep into the 15-minute data being reported? In this video, learn more about the data page. Select the date of interest and the time span, then export the data file to an email address to open with a program like Excel.

Video 4: What if you want to see a charted representation of the temperature over a 24-hour period? Or a 1-week period? Can you see both rainfall and leaf wetness values at the same time? In this video, learn to access the charts page to visually analyze the weather information and interpret with your observations in the field.

Video 5: Can you quickly compare all of the stations on a map view? Yes! In this video, learn to zoom in and drag around the map to explore current and live weather information in the Valley. This information is available on the NSFGA account but it is also publicly accessible on a free account.

So here's your homework, how much did it rain today?

Note: Historical weather data is a feature of a paid account so NSFGA members and their advisors have access. On April 22nd, Candy sent the login information to members. If you’re not a member, you can access the live/current weather data by creating your own free account on Davis WeatherLink. Search for weather stations and add them to your account.

Access the list of five video tutorials to watch from here: Video tutorials on accessing weather information from Davis WeatherLink

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