Podcast E7 S2: Welcoming Weather Stations

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Guest Jonathan Buffet

Jonathan Buffett is founder and manager of the Cape Breton Mesonet, a network of community owned and operated weather stations in Cape Breton and the eastern mainland. Jonathan also works as a Meteorological Inspector for Environment and Climate Change Canada by day. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, he is extremely passionate about our local climate, focusing mainly on data collection at the mesoscale/micro-climate level.

On this episode, I forecast that you’ll learn a lot about weather stations. Their components. How to site them for reliable results. Installing and maintaining them. I sense a clear conversation with our guest Jonathan Buffet about collecting weather information.
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Show notes:
  • Cape Breton Mesonet: www.capebretonweather.ca
  • In this podcast, Perennia representatives mention the Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station but it is neither an endorsement of the technology nor a suggestion that similar technologies are ineffective.

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