Podcast season one available

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thanks for listening to the 13 episodes available in season one. Especially now that many professional development opportunities have turned into virtual events, the podcast continues to be one way to bring outside expertise close to home. I hope that the guests have answered your questions, that you’ve learned something new, and that you feel like you’re right there with us! 

Did you miss any episodes in season one? Don’t worry, they’re still available! Listen on any podcast streaming service or listen online at Anchor.





E1, S1

Don’t play with fire blight

Dr. George Sundin, MSU

Aug 7, 2019

E2, S1

Apple maggot birth control

Dr. Suzanne Blatt, AAFC

Aug 21, 2019

E3, S1

Sensing fruit maturity

Dr. John DeLong, AAFC

Sept 18, 2019

E4, S1

Fine-tuning fertility

Bernardita Sallato, WSU Tree Fruit

Oct 16, 2019

E5, S1

Winning at weed control

Kristen Obeid, OMAFRA

Nov 20, 2019

E6, S1

Digging into drainage

Scott Anderson, P.Eng AAFC

Dec 18, 2019

E7, S1

Getting to the core of breeding

Dr. Amritpal Singh, AAFC

Jan 15, 2020

E8, S1

Save a watt

Kraig Porter, Efficiency NS

Feb 26, 2020

E9, S1

Downloading decisions

Jon Clements, UMass

March 25, 2020

E10, S1

Microscopic meddlers Part 1

Keith Fuller, AAFC

April 29, 2020

E11, S1

Microscopic meddlers Part 2

Dr. Tom Forge, AAFC

May 6, 2020

E12, S1

Dealing with diseases

Dr. Kari Peter, PSU

June 24, 2020

E13, S1

Stop the hop

Dr. Arthur Agnello, Cornell

July 22, 2020




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