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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Orchard Outlook Newsletter and related communications will now be delivered online at the NS Tree Fruit Blog. How will this work?
  • Current subscribers to the Orchard Outlook Newsletter will continue to receive email alerts when new content is available. 
  • The content will be sent directly to your email inbox for reading or you can simply click the link to view the post online on the blog. 
  • Newsletters will continue to be published weekly during the growing season, with valuable input from the Orchard Outlook Committee.

One of the main reasons for the new format is that we would like to archive the information so it is easy for you to access. What if you read a newsletter issue and then want to find a specific piece of information again? Now you can quickly refine your search on the blog using the following options:

  • Posts on the blog come with category labels attached to the bottom of the post. For example, if I write about rootstocks then the 'rootstock' label will be attached. Then you can click on the label to see all posts and newsletters tagged with that same label.
  • The blog has a search bar on the right side of the webpage for any word you wish to enter. You can filter for posts with specific words even if the words are not category labels. This means that all future newsletters that are published as posts on the blog will be searchable.

Other improvements that you will notice by visiting the blog:

  • Each newsletter will have a table of contents with links to jump to sections of interest.
  • Each newsletter or post can be easily printed or converted to a PDF document from the blog by using the buttons 'Print' or 'PDF' at the bottom of the relevant post.
  • An 'Events' page lists upcoming local and international tree fruit events that might interest you.
  • Pages called 'Resources' and 'Useful Links' have a list of links with descriptions for easy access to frequently used information.
  • Previous newsletters from the last six years are available for download from the archive on the right hand side of the blog page.
  • The blog is accessible online using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Coming soon... Maryblyt alerts for fire blight disease risk will be sent from a separate mailing list. When the separate mailing list begins, you will be invited to unsubscribe from the alerts if they are irrelevant to you.

Find the NS Tree Fruit Blog anytime from your web browser at www.nstreefruitblog.com. And once again, welcome!

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