Access daily Maryblyt predictions 2021

Friday, May 21, 2021


Alerts will be sent to subscribers of the "Fire Blight: MaryblytTM Alerts" as soon as it is evident that the EIP will approach 100 for apples or pears.

However, in the meantime to make model predictions easily accessible I will post daily screenshots in a folder online. Click on the images to expand.

Direct link:

To run the Maryblyt model using your own temperature, rainfall, bloom and spray dates, download the Maryblyt desktop software. Need a refresher on how to use Maryblyt? Watch the 2020 Perennia Maryblyt video tutorial

This year you can use the daily max and min temperature data from the NSFGA weather stations to run Maryblyt. Do so by logging in to the NSFGA account on, choose the weather station, select the tab "data" and then choose the view "Monthly Summary". Enter the given values into Maryblyt (except the current date where live data has not yet reached forecast max and min values).

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