Podcast season two complete and available

Thursday, October 21, 2021

I hope you enjoyed listening to the 10 episodes of the Orchard Outlook Podcast that were published in season two. These episodes are meant to be fun, conversational, timely, and informative! Plug in your headphones and tune in anytime. 

Please also feel free to suggest new topics and send me your wildest questions that I will ask directly to our expert guests. Text or email any time and I'll keep your questions handy.

Did you miss any episodes in season two? Don’t worry, they’re still available! Listen on any podcast streaming service or listen online at AnchorAsk me how to access the episodes directly on your phone. 





E1, S2

Rooting for Water Management

Dr. Denise Neilsen, AAFC (retired)

Oct 21, 2020

E2, S2

Confronting Climate

Bernard Soubry

Nov 25, 2020

E3, S2

Bitter and Sweet Sides of Cider

Dr. Gregory Peck, Cornell

Dec 16, 2020

E4, S2

Don't Sneeze at Blossom Thinning

Michael Basedow, Cornell Extension

Jan 28, 2021

E5, S2

Part 1 Speaking of Sprayers

Jason Deveau, OMAFRA

Feb 24, 2021

E6, S2

Part 2 Still Speaking of Sprayers

Jason Deveau, OMAFRA

March 10, 2021

E7, S2

Welcoming Weather Stations

Jonathan Buffet, Cape Breton Mesonet

April 28, 2021

E8, S2

Don't Play with Fire Blight (ENCORE)

Dr. George Sundin, MSU

May 26, 2021 (re-release)

E9, S2

Loving Local Food

Patrick Kelly, Perennia

June 30, 2021

E10, S2

Ghosts and Skeletons of Powdery Mildew

Dr. Kerik Cox and David Strickland, Cornell

August 11, 2021

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