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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Spring is just around the corner and I'd like to share with you a list of programs that are available. Take a look and see if there is anything of interest!

Farm Weather Station Assistance Program

The objective of the Farm Weather Station Assistance Program is two-fold: to encourage producers to install weather stations and adopt new technology tools; and fully utilize the data to make proactive management decisions to mitigate the impacts of climate change and adverse weather conditions. The program is re-opening for applications from March 15th to April 30th, 2022. The weather station hardware provided through the program is a Davis Vantage Pro2. For more information, visit the Perennia website.

NSDA Programs

NSDA Programs have opened several programs. Please open the links below and if you have questions please connect with your local Agricultural Extension Coordinator at your convenience:

  • Technologies for Value-Added Agriculture Program - Government of Nova Scotia, Canada: The objective of this program is to support agricultural producers and processors who seek to advance their operations through innovation, efficiency and quality improvements. This program is designed to assist with increasing the competitiveness and profitability of Nova Scotia’s agriculture sector by supporting the production efficiency of value-added agri-products.

On Farm Climate Action Fund for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador

Perennia will be implementing this program in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. If you are interested, fill out the short contact form on our website to be contacted when applications are open. Direct support to farmers under this program will fall under these target areas:
  • Cover cropping: for example, payment-per-acre to cover adoption or related costs such as seeds and equipment. Cover crops are plants, like clover and alfalfa, that are planted to cover the soil rather than for the purpose of being harvested.
  • Nitrogen management: for example, agronomic services to develop farm-specific nutrient management plans, equipment modifications for fertilizer application in fields, and soil sampling and analysis.
  • Rotational grazing: for example, agronomic services to develop grazing management plans, interior cross fencing, water system infrastructure, legume and forage seeds. Rotational grazing is the practice of containing and moving livestock through pasture to allow forage plants to recover, deepen their root systems and improve soil health.

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