New Fire Blight Monitoring Tool (PomeBlight) Now Available!

Friday, March 31, 2023

An automated, web-based tool designed by Perennia to help you monitor for fire blight infections is now available, and it's called PomeBlight. PomeBlight was introduced in a tutorial session yesterday and the recording is now available on our YouTube Channel.

Click to watch the video tutorial about PomeBlight. 

The following information is included in the video:
0:00 Introduction, Key Features, and Background
9:32 How to acquire a PomeBlight subscription 
11:30 Registration and setup of a Perennia online account 
13:47 Activating your PomeBlight subscription 
24:16 Using the PomeBlight model 
41:33 Advanced knowledge and use of the PomeBlight model

As I mentioned in the video, we have resources to help get you started. Please review the QuickStart Guide and Frequently Asked Questions. Please note that currently only Davis Instruments weather stations are supported and the weather forecast is provided by Environment Canada. Stations in Nova Scotia are automatically pre-populated, and if you are from another province please contact Michelle Cortens for further support.

You can learn more about PomeBlight and purchase an annual subscription from our Farm Data Tools website: You can also learn more about other tools and stay informed about new tools that are under development.

The models, including PomeBlight, can then be accessed from your online account at

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