Recording Available: Fire blight biology and modelling webinar

Thursday, May 4, 2023

A recording of the fire blight blossom blight webinar that was presented on May 3, 2023 is now available for viewing. 

Using this resource, learn about blossom blight biology including how weather and orchard management decisions influence the infection risk. We begin by reviewing what is actually happening on the flowers, and then we explore how modelling represents the biological process. We walk through some real-world scenarios using the modelling program PomeBlight to determine infection risk. We finish with management options and some additional notes about trauma blight.

More about blossom blight: 
The most critical time of the fire blight disease cycle is the blossom blight phase. Flowers have open nectar pores where the disease-causing bacterium  Erwinia amylovora  gains entry during favourable weather. Properly timed management with antibiotics at bloom can prevent infection to protect the health of your trees. 

More about PomeBlight:
PomeBlight is a responsive web-based tool for tree fruit growers to help monitor for fire blight infection risk. This decision-support tool is based on the successful Maryblyt™ model but customized by Perennia to automate Nova Scotia weather data collection and create an efficient warning system that is easy to use. PomeBlight is available for Nova Scotia growers at

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